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What’s the problem with Mini Cooper run-flat tires?

Mini Coopers do not come with a spare tire, instead they are equipped with Run-flat tires designed with thicker sidewalls to get you to a tire shop if you have a flat tire. Most cars utilizing run-flat tires do not come with a spare tire. But the convenience of driving on a run flat can be very costly. The cost to replace a Mini-Cooper run flat tire may surprise you. The run-flat tire is a pneumatic tire designed to resist the effects of deflation and puncture,  enable the vehicle to continue to be driven at reduced speeds. This may seem like a clever design, but read on Run-flat tires for the Mini typically provide for the vehicle to drive 50 miles at around 50 mph in the event of puncture and deflation. But for the tire to withstand this kind of punishment, it may be irreparably damaged in the process. If it is punctured in the sidewall or the edge of the tread, repair of the tire may be impossible or unsafe; as is the case with all pneumatic tires.

Your run flat may get you where you need to go – but at what cost? That’s the problem with Mini-Cooper run-flats.

Why Buy your Tires from Mini Cooper

We line all the tires we sell with the Rhinotire Liner.  Why do we do that? What the Rhinotire Tire System is. Read more on the Rhino Tire System Liner

  • Increased Tire Life - Increases tire life up 25% for traditional tires and 3 to 4 X the average  life of run flat tires. Heat and friction that cause wear are dispersed through the sidewall and not the tread area.  This increases tire life significantly.  Saving you as much as $75 per month as compared to run flats depending on your choice of tires over the average t3- year life span of your high performance tires.
  • Ride Comfort - Increases tire adhesion to the road, which reduces tire shocking (dribbling like a basketball) due to worn suspension components. The result is a much smoother, more comfortable ride, particularly as compared to run-flat tires.
  • Puncture Resistance - Instantly seals punctures up to ¼ of an inch in diameter.  Roadside tire changes are virtually eliminated.  Isn’t that why you bought the run flats in the first place?
  • Road Noise Reduction - Reduces road noise levels by 30 decibels acting as a barrier to dampen and eliminate tires sound on asphalt.  Increased Fuel Economy- Increases fuel economy by maintain constant tire pressure. Low tire pressure is a major contributor to poor fuel economy.
  • Tire Pressure Maintenance- Low tire pressure is the #1 Safety hazard
    on our roads today. The Rhinotire Liner keeps tires inflated at optimum pressure  to improve overall safety, tire performance and handling.


Read more about how the Mini Cooper tires with the Rhinotire System Liner works


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